Customer experience strategy

User experience design

About me

I have a proven track record of leading cross-functional teams to bring rich, user-focused products to market. I am skilled in communicating technical and business requirements, advocating solutions, and mobilizing cross-functional support to address complex issues. I bring an entrepreneur's sensibilities to solving business problems and providing innovative solutions, delivering ambitious results using limited resources.

Skills related to building the customer experience


    Defining the plan of action that delivers a great customer experience
  • UX Strategy

  • Initiating, planning, executing, controlling the work of a design team to deliver great results
  • Project management

  • Understanding needs, motivations, and behaviors based on observation, analysis, and other feedback
  • User research

    Solving problems and crafting total solutions in complex user spaces
  • UX Architecture

  • Integrating design best practices into the Agile development cycle
  • Agile process

  • Collaborating with the product owner to translate the needs of the customer into actionable statements of system features
  • Requirements development

    Leading, building and growing teams of designers that deliver world class results
  • UX management

  • Analyzing customer satisfaction and the ability of users to achieve their goals
  • Usability evaluation

  • Presenting design solutions in an aesthetically pleasing, brand focused fashion that enhances the user experience
  • Visual Design

Good design tells a story. Every user story needs a happy ending.

- Chris McQuistin -

Case Studies

I help build products from idea to launch. With expertise in web, mobile, and desktop design, branding strategy, product strategy, and design team leadership. Here's some of my work.

Areas of interest

I have a passion for solving complex problems. These areas have some of the most interesting problems to take on.


Enterprise business-to-business applications often have a high level of complexity and try to solve unique business problems.

New platforms

New platforms can be opportunities for greenfield design projects.

New devices

New devices provide the opportunity to learn and define new interaction languages.


Design team leadership presents some of the most interesting process and engagement problems in the tech industry. It is also one of the most satisfying areas to address.