GMO Application Platform

Microsoft Global Marketing Organization



Lead Designer

Primary contributor and primary client contact, leading a small team to deliver an ambitious project on a short timeline.



The Need

GMO was developing a series of business intelligence applications to be released to Microsoft’s internal Marketplace. It was important to the GMO organization that these applications have a consistent user experience, coupled with a consistent brand identity.

The Solution

GMO Application Guidance and Visual Specification
UpTop was engaged to deliver guidelines and specifications for the application platform. This set of guidelines and specifications were to be applied to the entire suite of GMO applications.
This 226 page document described all aspects of the application platform, with specifications and guidance targeted to both development and business stakeholders. By following the document, the product team would be able to


  • build applications that are fully compliant to the GMO brand
  • provide a consistent experience across the suite of products
  • reduce the design and specification burden for each new application


The Process

GMO brand recognition was very important to the business stakeholders. To promote this, the following steps were taken:



The user experience elements that needed the most attention were those variations that were mandated by the nature of Windows 8 applications, such as: