Hospitalist Rounds Concept

GE Healthcare IT



Product Manager

Concept creator, business stakeholder.


Principal Designer

Sole contributor, concept designer, prototype builder.



The Need

The Hospitalist was a relatively new role in 2010, focusing on acute and chronic care in the hospital environment. A single hospitalist would expect to make rounds across many wards and departments, sometimes multiple facilities in a single day. The hospitalist needed a simple charting method that was:

  • Easy to learn
  • Highly mobile
  • Able to work while online or offline
  • Only tracked the patients assigned to the user

The Solution

2010 saw the introduction if the iPad. The potential as a mobile medical device were immediately obvious. It was much lighter than the Windows tablet pcs available at the time, and more than capable of handling the minimal levels of charting required by the Hospitalist role.
In order to pitch the concept to the executive team, a compelling interactive prototype was required. Based on known use cases and requirements from related projects, a skeuomorphic design was developed. Built in HTML to run on Safari, it allowed users to explore the basic navigation and simulate basic data entry.